Our Solutions

By collaborating closely with clients, NISSI develops and delivers sustainable solutions that address the evolving needs of your business. Partnering with you for every step of your journey; we help you attain success while ensuring the highest levels of integrity, performance and excellence.

Utilising preventative and corrective techniques, our custom-made Human Capital solutions address the pain points associated with Personnel Performance, Policies and Procedures, Change Management, and Employee Engagement. NISSI is also passionate about motivating and equipping remote workers with tools that strike a balance between work and life.

Put simply, as a thought leader and trusted guide, we have a solution for every challenge you face.

Over the years we have engaged with NISSI in areas of strategy development, organisational culture, leadership alignment, team building and dynamics, employee engagement and many others. At all times the work delivered has been professional, timeous and exceeded our expectations. For these reasons, we can’t recommend them enough.

Collin Mthombeni
Managing Director, Sign Edition
Organisational Design


Irrespective of who a person is and what their personal story may be, NISSI helps businesses craft an organisational culture where every individual is encouraged to make a difference in an accountable and proactive manner.

By re-engineering and co-designing HR processes and organisational structures, we empower clients with viable methods to attain and sustain significant improvements in business performance. This is achieved through Organisational Design, Process Mapping, and Service Level Agreement Development and Implementation.

Executive Search and recruitment


Through unrivalled Headhunting, Talent Search and Response Handling; NISSI helps you secure the best candidate for the job while guaranteeing their effectiveness through expert Coaching.
Talent Management


Attract, motivate, develop and retain top employees through Talent Management Strategy Development, Skills Gap Analysis, effective Onboarding, and Employee Engagement.
Employee Relations


Encourage efficient communication between employees and your organisation—by crafting a work environment characterised by trust and respect—when resolving issues and enforcing rules. NISSI also facilitates conflict resolution between stakeholders to avoid unnecessary legal battles.